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Scots renewable energy displaces a million tonnes of CO2

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renewable energyAlmost 12 million tonnes of CO2 emissions were displaced by renewable energy in Scotland in the most recent year for which data is available, figures released today show.

The reduction, an average of around a million tonnes a month, is the highest ever recorded in Scotland.

The statistics were published in response to a Parliamentary Question tabled by Eilidh Whiteford MP and answered by UK Energy Minister Amber Rudd MP.

Ms Rudd revealed that Scotland’s renewable electricity industry displaced 11.9 million tonnes of CO2 in 2013, an increase of over 14 per cent on the 10.4 million tonnes of CO2 displaced in Scotland by the sector in 2012.

Joss Blamire, Senior Policy Manager at Scottish Renewables, said: “This means that not only are renewables now the number one source of electricity in Scotland, but we have achieved this milestone while preventing a record amount of harmful carbon emissions from being released into our atmosphere. Renewable energy in Scotland is doing exactly what it was designed to do: creating jobs, securing our energy supplies and, most importantly, reducing our carbon emissions to help limit climate change”.

Speaking from the UN’s Climate Change Conference in Lima, where he is an observer, WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: “That renewable energy in Scotland is now helping to displace almost a million tonnes of climate pollution every month is fantastic news, and proof that a renewable power sector is the foundation of a truly low carbon economy, keeping the lights on, creating jobs and cutting emissions. Right now, governments from almost 200 countries are meeting in Peru to agree how they will reduce global emissions and prevent the worst impacts of climate change. The growing success of renewables in helping to cut emissions both in Scotland and across Europe is exactly what is needed right now to help encourage other countries to secure a good deal on climate“.