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WiseEnergy: 1,500MW solar power plants under management

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costi ammortamento impianti fotovoltaiciWiseEnergy Group, the global company specialized in management services for solar power plants, surpasses the 1,500MW milestone of plants (with an estimated investment value of €3.9 billion) to which it provides asset management, monitoring and other services.

Recent contracts secured from leading institutional investors in the UK and Italy amounting to nearly 400MW have contributed to this success.

The Group currently provides technical, administrative and financial services to listed companies, private equity groups, banks, international investment funds and other groups in relation to approximately 1,250 individual utility-scale solar power plants and approximately 3,000 residential rooftop systems.

The most recent additions to the assets under management comprise three large portfolios for an aggregate capacity of nearly 400 MW of ground- and roof-mounted plants across the UK and Italy. The portfolios are respectively owned by one of the largest PV plant owners in Italy, a UK renewable energy private equity fund and an investment fund listed on the London Stock Exchange.

“The milestone of 1,500 MW under management represents an extraordinary achievement and confirms that our focus on value-added, return-enhancing activities and high quality services is increasingly being recognized in the renewable energy markets as a key differentiating factor. The economies of scale deriving from such a large number of plants as well as the wealth of experience of our team are being transferred to all our clients enabling them to benefit from a best-in-class service coupled with a highly competitive pricing” commented Michael Bonte-Friedheim, CEO of WiseEnergy International Limited, the Group’s holding company.

“This achievement further strengthens the company’s position as the leading player with the highest growth rate in the renewable energy asset management market and reinforces our presence not only in Italy but also in the UK market where we now have contracts for the management of over 220 MW of plants. We see this as a very encouraging step forward in our international expansion, which remains one of our main targets. Based on the extremely positive response we have been receiving from our clients, we are confident that we will continue to increase our market share as well as to establish our presence in new countries, leveraging our unique expertise and ability to optimize technical and financial results across the entire value chain of solar power plant investments” Mr. Bonte-Friedheim added.