Energy and Mobility

News on renewable energies and sustainable mobility from around the world

WiseEnergy: 1,500MW solar power plants under management

WiseEnergy Group, the global company specialized in management services for solar power plants, surpasses the 1,500MW milestone of plants (with an estimated investment value...
race for water odissey

The Swiss expedition Race for Water Odyssey reaches New York

The Race for Water Odyssey (R4WO) reached New York City on Thursday, concluding its Atlantic crossing in a journey that will take its six-man...
helsinki electric buses

New technology light-weight electric buses in Helsinki

Helsinki Region Transport and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd will launch an extensive joint pilot to introduce highly efficient light-weight electric buses....
food trade

Growing Food Trade, Shrinking Self-Sufficiency

As society reaches the limits of available farmland and accessible irrigation water, many countries have turned to international markets to help meet domestic food...
pneumatici fuori uso

Tyre Recycling Conference to challenge tyre management

End of life tyres (ELT) are an issue in every country in the world and each nation has its own model for dealing with...
energy cockpit

EnergyMarketPrice Launches the Energy Cockpit solution

EnergyMarketPrice, a leading global energy and commodity market intelligence provider, has launched the Energy Cockpit solution, a new way to access energy data and...
race for water odyssey

Launch of the Race for Water Odyssey expedition

Initiated by the Race for Water Foundation based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Race for Water Odyssey (R4WO) will begin in Bordeaux (France) on March...
eolico off shore

Huge offshore wind conference blows into Aberdeen

Scotland's largest offshore wind and supply chain event comes to Aberdeen this month (January 2015) with more international exhibitors than ever before. Businesses from across...
eco-efficiency of buildings bioedilizia

Recycling of parts improves the eco-efficiency of buildings

Recycling of parts improves the eco-efficiency of buildings: in fact the reuse of construction parts is always worthwhile from the perspective of the environment,...
renewable energy

Scots renewable energy displaces a million tonnes of CO2

Almost 12 million tonnes of CO2 emissions were displaced by renewable energy in Scotland in the most recent year for which data is available, figures...

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